● Fully Automatic Dissolution Tester RT-3

This device provides a dissolution test using a fully automated system.

● Principal functions

・Warming and degassing of test solution and auto injection into the vessel

・Monitoring temperature within the vessel and automatic input of the test sample

● Automatic Vessel Flushing Dissolution Tester RT-J2000

This device automatically flushes the tester's vessels.

● Principal functions

・Automatic vessel flushing

・Paddle rotates individually

● Automatic Sampling Device DS-3

This device can be connected to various kinds of manual dissolution testers.

● Principal functions

・High accuracy sampling with the syringe pump

・Sampling takes a maximum of 5 points

● Automatic Sampling Device DS-2000

This device can be connected with various kinds of manual dissolution testers

● Principal functions

・Light weight, compact size, and low price

・High accuracy sampling with the syringe pump

Relevant Apparatus of Dissolution Tester

● Highly accurate vessel

● Others


● Automated Preparation Apparatus of Solid Products SP-3 / SP-7

This apparatus provides uniformity of dosage units test and automatic quantitative test of the solid/capsule medicines.

● Principal functions

・Addition of extracting solvent and internal standard solution

・Extraction by a stirrer and ultrasonic waves

● Apparatus of Suppository and Ointment Extraction SP-4

This is an automated apparatus to extract suppository and ointment.

● Principal functions

・Addition of extraction solvent/p>

・Extraction by warming and shaking

● Mobile Phase Adjusting Device CP-4

This apparatus automatically adjusts the HPLC mobile phase

● Principal functions

・Reagent injection

・Automatic adjustment of pH

● Automatic Drug Dispenser Device MDS-1200

This is an automated plate preparation device of MIC drug sensitivity test using micro broth dilution method.

● Principal functions

・Direct dispensing without contamination by 1 well of 1 dispenser pumping

・High-speed dispensing 20 second/plate

● Automatic Bacterial Inoculation Device MDS-1300

This device automatically performs bacterial inoculation of MIC drug sensitivity test by micro broth dilution method.

● Principal functions

・High accuracy inoculation without contamination by disposable chip

・High speed inoculation of 70 seconds/plate

● Automatic Pharmacokinetics Simulation Device PASS-400

This control system device simulates the transition of human blood level in vitro by common dosage of antibacterial drug.

● Principal functions

・Control of drug concentration by high accurate syringe pump

・Selective for compartment model and an administration route (rapid intravenous injection/ drip infusion/ oral administration)

● Automatic Labeled Device for PET Radioactive Medicines

The device synthesizes label of PET radioactive medicines

● Principal functions

・Available for labeled synthesis automatically for radionuclide of the half-life such as 18F and 11C

● Automatic Measuring Device of Drug Concentration LR Lobo

This device measures blood and drug concentration by liquid-liquid extraction. Dispensing, shaking, centrifugation, upper layer extraction, concentration, and cooling preservation apparatus are practiced automatically

● Principal functions

・Capable for large scale of treatment (96 samples) in a short time

Pathology Related Products

● Auto Slide Preparation System AS-410

In addition to being equipped with conventional microtome functions, our AS-410 Auto Slide Preparation System completely automates the entire sectioning process, including block feeding.