Automatic Pharmacokinetics Simulation Device PASS-400

Automatic Pharmacokinetics Simulation Device PASS-400

This control system device simulates the transition of human blood level in vitro by common dosage of antibacterial drug

Principal functions

・Control of drug concentration by high accurate syringe pump
・Selective for compartment model and an administration route (rapid intravenous injection/ drip infusion/ oral administration)
・Simulation of two drug combination/ continuous administrations
・Analysis of blood level model by nonlinear least-squares regression method (NLS)
・Sterilizing effect evaluation of the area above the killing curve


Dimensions and weight

・Syringe pump unit: W440×D240×H290mm・20kg
・Sampler unit: W280×D220×H250mm・10kg
・Culture tank/ Constant-temperature water tank (include water): W500×D360×H280mm・30kg