Fully Automatic Dissolution Tester RT-3

Fully Automatic Dissolution Tester RT-3

This device provides a dissolution test using a fully automated system

Principal functions

・Warming and degassing of test solution and auto injection into the vessel
・Monitoring temperature within the vessel and automatic input of the test sample
・High accuracy sampling of the syringe pump
・Placing of filtration, dilution and analyzer
・Automatic flushing device, capability of ten consecutive tests with all-night unattended operation


Dimensions and weight

・Main unit: W1140×D750×H1500mm・400kg
・Tank unit: W630×D735×H1430mm・100kg
・Sampler unit: W750×D750×H1250mm・200kg

Sales record

Top ranked national market share of the fully automatic dissolution tester
More than 130 units of sales since the start of sales in 1990