DNS at The 113th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Pathology

Event Schedule:March 24th, 2024(Thursday) – March 30th, 2024(Saturday)
Location:Nagoya Congress Center

We recently attended the 113th General Meeting of the Japanese Pathological Society at the Nagoya International Conference Hall. The event was a vibrant mix of pathologists, researchers, and professionals from around the globe.

Interacting with people of different nationalities and backgrounds was inspiring, providing us with a new perspective on pathology! Our team was excited to present our newly developed automatic facing device, the AT-192M. The feedback we received was incredibly rewarding.

In conclusion, the meeting was a valuable experience of learning, networking, and collaboration. We’re looking forward to the next one, ready to contribute and grow in our field.

  • Devices presented at the Exhibition
    ・AT-192M Tissue Block Automatic Facing Device
    ・AS-410M Auto Slide Preparation System